When you sign up with Rontar, you have to choose one of the two pricing plans to run your retargeting campaign:

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You should consider three things when choosing the pricing plan:

  1. The number of visitors your website gets daily
  2. Access to advanced campaign settings
  3. Websites your ads are shown on

The number of visitors your website gets daily

Since retargeting shows ads to past visitors only, it’s very important to know the number of visitors on your website before choosing your plan. All plans, except the highest one, have a limited number of impressions included, which in turn limits how much of your audience can be reached with retargeting.

When you move the visitor slider on the Billing page, the reach figure will change. So will the plan we recommend for the selected number of visitors.

Example: if you have just 5 visitors daily, the Free Forever plan will be your best fit. In this case, the potential reach will be 73% of your audience. If you have 40 visitors but still decide to go with the Free Forever plan, your reach will be limited to just 2% of your audience. It means that another 98% of your audience will not see your ads and you will easily hit the upper limit of 30 impressions a day. However, if you decide to switch to the Pay-as-you-go plan, you will be able to reach 100% of your visitors and not hit the upper limit of impressions on this plan.

The number of visitors on your website is the main factor that you should consider when choosing the right plan. The plan you select directly affects the volume of impressions, clicks, and conversions you get from retargeting.

 Access to advanced campaign settings

When you upgrade to one of the higher pricing plans (Pay-as-you-go), advanced campaign settings become available to you:

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If done right, manual editing of these settings can significantly increase the effectiveness of your retargeting campaign, including the number of impressions you get, clicks, and ROMI. You can read more about advanced settings here: https://help.rontar.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020955193-Advanced-campaign-settings

Please be advised in case you have 15 visitors or below it makes no sense to upgrade to a higher plan just because of these settings. 

 Websites your ads are shown on

On all plans, we show your ads on hundreds of thousands of quality websites. This is possible thanks to our cooperation with the largest ad networks like Google AdX and OpenX. Among those sites are The New York Times, ESPN, The Washington Post, Weather.com, Fox News, etc.

The ads on these websites have better placement and the chances are higher that they’ll be clicked. Visitors to these websites normally have a higher purchase intent. But the most important benefit of being on these websites is what it will do for your business’ reputation.

If those things are important to you, consider upgrading to Pay-as-you-go plan.

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