The first step to start your dynamic retargeting campaign is to provide us with the link to your product feed.

Rontar accepts product feeds of three types:

  • Google Base
  • Rontar XML
  • CSV

Product feed structure

The product feed should contain one entry per product. Required content for each product: 

  • Product ID
  • Title
  • Price
  • Image URL
  • Landing page URL

Product feed examples

Google Base example

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss version="2.0"  xmlns:g="">
<title>The name of your data feed</title>
<description>A description of your content</description>
    <title>Red wool sweater</title>
    <description>Comfortable and soft.</description>

Rontar XML example

  <currency id="USD" rate="1"/>
  <category id="1">Phones</category>
  <category id="2">Home appliances</category>
  <category id="3" parentId="1">Cell phones</category>
  <category id="4" parentId="1">Bluetooth</category>
  <category id="5" parentId="1">Accessories</category>
  <category id="6" parentId="2">Washing machines</category>
  <category id="7" parentId="2">Fridges</category>
<offer id="10">
  <categoryId>57</categoryId >
  <name>Nokia 6300</name>
    Product description

CSV example

A CSV feed contains one product entry per line, where each piece of data is separated by a semicolon.

1;Nokia 6300;Cell phones;150;USD;true;;
2;Nokia 6233;Cell phones;100;USD;true;;
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