Rontar has developed a special extension for OpenCart stores that makes Rontar integration as easy as possible. Supported OpenCart versions: 1.5 – 3.1. Menus and images on the screenshots may slightly differ for different versions.

Get started by using our sign up wizard. Step 1 will require you to install the module.

How to install

1. Go to your OpenCart admin panel.

2. Go to Extensions/Installer.

3. Download the extension for your OpenCart version at OpenCart Extension Store

4. Click "Upload" and select the downloaded extension file.

Notice for versions 1.5.x!
- You must manually upload the extension file to your OpenCart root folder and unpack it.
- vQmod must be installed (Manual).

5. Go to Extensions, filter by "Feeds" and find the extension in the list. Press the green button near it to install the extension.

After the extension is installed, press the blue button near it.

Now the extension should be properly installed.

In case something goes wrong:
- Clear caches.
- Go to System/Users/User Groups, select the Administrator group and give access and modify permissions for feed/rontar.

How to use

1. Go to Rontar extension configuration page.

2. At this point your Rontar XML feed is ready and is accessible via the link shown on this page.

Please make sure to use the link as your product feed for this step.

3. Step 2 will provide you with your advertiser ID, product feed ID, and audience ID once the product feed link has been processed. Add these values to the corresponding fields in the extension settings, set “Status” parameter to “Enabled” and press “Save”.

4. Go to Extensions/Modifications, select the extension in the list and press "Refresh".

5. That’s it, you’re ready to go!

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