Rontar has developed a special plugin for WooCommerce stores that makes Rontar integration as easy as possible.

Get started by using our sign up wizard. Step 1 will require you to install the plugin.

How to install

1. Go to your WordPress/WooCommerce admin panel. Normally it resides at Provide your admin username and password.

2. Go to Plugins/Add new.

3. Download the latest plugin version at

4. Click the "Upload plugin" button. Select the downloaded file and click “Install now”. After the plugin is installed, press the "Activate plugin" button

Now the plugin should be properly installed.

How to use

1. Go to WooCommerce/Settings/Integration and find the “Rontar Dynamic Retargeting” part.

2. At this point your Rontar XML feed is ready and is accessible via the link:

Please make sure to use the link as your product feed for this step.

3. Step 2 will provide you with your advertiser ID, product feed ID, and audience ID once the product feed link has been processed. Add these values to the corresponding fields in the plugin settings, set “Enabled” parameter to “Enable” and press “Save changes”.

4. That’s it, you’re ready to go!

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