After the app has been installed, you must complete a few steps to get the ad campaign up and running. At any moment in time, your campaign may be found in any of three different states: fund your account, starting, or running.

Fund your account

To make a payment, go to the Billing tab, and enter your payment details. You will be billed for the initial amount of $25, and the campaign will switch to Starting status.


After the payment has been made, the campaign will switch to Starting status. At this stage, we must complete the following steps:

  • Gather the minimum audience size. We must gather the minimum audience size of at least 100 product page visitors to start the campaign. If you get thousands of visitors daily to your website, this process won’t take more than a few hours. However, if you get no more than 100-200 visitors daily, the process might take from a few days to a week.
  • Get your ads moderated. We cooperate with the largest third-party networks, each of them checking your ads upon compliance with their advertising policies. Moderation doesn’t usually take more than 1 working day, although it might take a bit longer in some cases.

Meanwhile, you may configure the look and feel of the ad creative. You can do this under the Settings tab in the app.

Once the minimum audience size has been reached and your ads have been approved, the campaign will switch to Running status, and you’ll start seeing the first statistics data in your Dashboard.


This status means that your ad campaign is running and the ads are being shown to users. Details of the number of impressions/clicks/conversions can be found in the Dashboard. Detailed information on the conversions driven by the app can be found under the Conversions tab.

Please bear in mind that the number of impressions/clicks will grow with the growth of the audience gathered. As a rule, the maximum numbers are reached within a week or two.

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