Our aim was to make the app as straightforward as possible. Keeping that in mind, we configure your ad campaign with the default settings that we believe will work for most online retailers.

However, there are still a few settings that can be configured from the app:

  1. Daily budget. This is set by default to “Maximize clicks/conversions” (which is recommended), but you can change it if you wish. Please note, we don’t recommend changing the default settings while you’re satisfied with the results of the running ad campaign.
  2. The look and feel of ad creative. You can configure the way your ads will look in order to match your corporate colors. You can do this yourself or turn to us – we will customize it for you, free of charge.

As previously mentioned, there are hundreds of parameters that are configured with the default settings and can’t be changed from the app. The default settings work for most online stores and don’t need to be adjusted. However, if you believe that some settings should be changed and you can’t do this from the app, please contact us.

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