The amount that you will be charged depends on the type of subscription you have chosen.

Free Forever

The Free Forever plan does not require any kind of payment. Customers who choose this plan won’t be obliged to add a payment method and will be able to use Rontar for free. However, your impressions will be limited to only 30 per day.


With Pay-as-you-go Plan you will be charged $25 initially and every time the advertising balance gets low, in accordance with your daily budget settings and to cover the amount due in the upcoming 3-4 days. For example, if your daily ad expenditure is $10 and your account balance is $20, you will run out of credit in less than 3 days. We charge you the amount needed to bring your account balance up to the sum required for the next week. In this case, the amount required would be $70 ($10 x 7 days), so we would charge you $100 (the minimum).

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